My Amazing 2010: Top Travels of a Great Year (Part 1)

Irreplaceable, indescribable, incredible! The year 2010 saw me hopping around the world, making conversations with the world’s most inspiring minds, and learning valuable lessons that only experience can genuinely teach. I could literally write a book for the past 365 days! But that’s another project. For now allow me to share you the highlights of 2010 […]

Where to See and Dance Tango in Argentina?

From Jhet’s South American Series Only a few hours left before my departure, I had one thing on my mind – that is not to miss the tango show in Argentina. Tango is said to have originated from Argentine slaves as early as the 1800s. This explains why tango shows are held in almost every […]

The Best Ride to See Argentina's Tourist Spots

On my last day in Buenos Aires – I can only say “how time flies when you are having fun!” I did not want to leave, nor don’t feel like getting out of my comfy bed. It was nice and warm. I could stay here all day. Outside, it was raining cats and dogs. It […]

El Caminito, a colourful place worthy of your visit

From Jhet’s South American Series On my last two days in Buenos Aires – I found myself asking an unlikely question, “What do I do?” Among the recommendations of what to visit when you have very little time in Buenos Aires, El Caminito in La Boca is the one I don’t want to miss. El […]

Four Things a Memorial Park Can Teach the Living

From Jhet’s South American Series: A Personal Recollection at the La Recoleta The La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina is perhaps one of the world’s most visited cemetery. A tour at the “City of Good Air” will never go without a visit to this 188-year old memorial park which boasts of majestically adorned tombs, […]