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Best selling author and
speaker Jhet Torcelino-van
Ruyven's journey from
poverty to prosperity has
become an inspiration to
many. Jhet's vision and
mission is to inspire and
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their natural gifts and
God-given talents to
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The Tale of Juliet

The Tale Of Juliet has become the new success classic for anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle, better their career, grow their relationships, and plan for their future-enjoying more wealth, better health, greater opportunity, more vibrant relationships, greater free time and more independence than ever before.

"A transformational and inspiring account of doing whatever it takes to live life to its fullest potential. This book shows how to discover a higher purpose in life while enjoying the journey along the way."
T. Harv Eker
#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author
"Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"