What Are The Most Important Things In Your Life?

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As we embrace 2015, we are all hyped up to setting BIG GOALS and revisiting our BIG DREAMS. I do encourage you all to have time to plan, to set goals, to dream big, and also, to put things in perspective. I’ve learned the hard way.   In the height of success and following my career, my […]

How To Reset Your Button and Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever Yet


December 31st just before we go out to party and salute the new year,  I managed to find time to write my thoughts down as it comes to mind. Spontaneously, from my heart to your heart. What have I accomplished? What have I done, where did I progress. What am I grateful for? Did I […]

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever


Recently I received an email with a subject line “Hi Po”, which means “Hello”.  “Po” is Filipino word as a sign of respect.  Since I wrote The Tale of Juliet – You Have The Power To Change Your Life, I’ve been receiving emails from readers from far and wide thanking me for writing the book. […]

How To Finish 2014 Strong

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It’s almost the end of the year, and the holiday season is just around the corner. Probably, this season is a good timing to ask yourself this question: How was the year 2014 for you? Were you able to accomplish all your plans and goals for this year? Did you feel satisfied with your career, […]

The Road to Success – Success Series Part 4


For the past weeks we’ve talked about how you can make your way towards Success. I gave you lots of helpful tips and exercises that you can practice to get your mind and body tuned into becoming successful. And because I truly want you to reach your dreams, I’m going to give you a last dose of success […]