Almost an Impossible Dream: The First Filipino Figure Skater

Michael Christian Martinez

Another Filipino named Michael Christian Martinez, 17 years old, has once again proved that big dreams do come true. Michael Christian Martinez is the first Filipino ever to contend in the Winter Olympics in the Figure Skating category. Many people raised their eyebrows when the Philippines sent a contestant for the Figure Skating category. Why […]

7 Tested Tips for a Long Lasting Relationship [How to Keep the Fire of Love Burning Part 2]


The Valentine Season is over. But it doesn’t mean you should forget to be sweet and loving to your partner. I’m sure you would agree with me that there are many married couples who are living with their secret pains. Feeling alone and not being understood. Too many negative behavior patterns that are destroying their […]

How To Keep The Fire Of Love Burning – Part 1


  It’s the most romantic season of the year! Everyone can feel the love vibes everywhere. Most people choose to propose to their partners at this time of the year. Ah, yes, weddings! Wedding bells, the bride’s dress, and yes the cake! These are what we look forward to often times when we witness a […]

Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love

Do you know someone who always complains about anything? Or perhaps you know someone who is afraid to take risks in life? We always dream of something we want or achieve. But often times, we are afraid to take chances and in result we live in mediocrity. There are also times that we always complain […]

Great Lessons Year In Review – What An Abundant Year It Has Been! Bring It On 2014!

Spectacular sunset from our Deck

Life is an adventure. Year 2013 was not perfect, it has its flaws but oh my, oh my, it’s fun to look back with a super grateful heart. Places we have been, lessons learned, seminars attended, inspiration shared, re-connections with old friends and new friends we made, family connection and thrills. It’s a wonderful abundant […]