Dream Boards: Boon or Bane?

dream board

Have you ever created a dream board? How did it make you feel? Inspired? Motivated? Or pressured? By the way, what are dream boards anyway? Dream boards are simply a Do-It-Yourself project where you cut pictures of the things you want, then paste them on a board. It’s up to you how creative you’re going […]

I’ve just taken the CHALLENGE…why you should too!


I bet you’ve heard of this viral thing happening in the social media. I’m talking about the ALS Ice bucket challenge. Celebrities like Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow,  athletes, ordinary people and even big names like Bill Gates; they’re all doing it! Oh and you might think that this is just an ordinary challenge. That people […]

Do You Mind Your Thoughts?


I’ve mentioned in my previous post that negative feelings sabotage our efforts to make the law of attraction work. Negative thoughts foster negative feelings so stay away from them. But it’s never easy to do that. But there are simple and practical ways on how you can make it a habit to stay on the […]

Remembering Robin Williams


You must have heard about the news on Robin Williams’ untimely death. It rocked not just the entertainment world, but the whole world as well. While most people are speculating about the real cause of his death, some are greatly sharing their sentiments on how Mr Williams has touched their lives. I share the same […]

How Guarding Your Feelings Can Propel You to Manifest The Things You Desire


“What you think, so shall you become.” Our thoughts are very powerful that what we constantly think can manifest in our life. But merely thinking isn’t the only ingredient needed to manifest the things you desire.   You must also learn how to feel.   Thinking comes with feeling. The way you feel about your […]