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Aug 3

Another Dream Turned Into Reality: A Great Sharing!

big dreams

“To Louie Cale: Fits you to be on air, online and global, kiddo!” Let me share with you a true story that I want you to be inspired with. This is a story of faith, perseverance and determination. A shot I took of my friend, Louie Cale, while we were sharing via Skype the other day. Louie, like most of you, was an attendee when […]

Jul 6

Manila, Here I Come!

jhetvanruyven manila visit

Manila, Here I Come! Hello, my dear friends! I just wanted to drop by and thought of sending you a message. To my Filipino fellows, I’ll be coming to the Philippines soon and I hope that I will be able to see you there. There’s a saying that “Your Life is Your Message.” And I believe that in every core of my being. Speaking of […]

Jun 23

Just a Plain and Sincere THANK YOU

The Tale of Juliet

Today, I just want to share with you how Andrei has been blessed by my story. He read my book “The Tale of Juliet: You Have the Power to Change Your Life” and this is what he has to say … ——— Dear Jhet, I just finished reading the Tale of Juliet. I got the book and started reading … and … reading and reading. So […]

Jun 5

3 Best Tips in Overcoming Culture Shock

Overcoming Culture Shock

Experiencing culture shock is very common for those people who are new to a foreign country, or migrated to another city. It happens when you feel very different or unfamiliar with your new environment. Some people who experience culture shock feel that they are out of place, which prevents them from interacting with other people around them. Though it’s normal to experience culture shock, you […]

May 29

How to Overcome Procrastination

How to Overcome Procrastination

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” – Lord Chesterfield What does it mean? Simple. Do not delay. Think of it as perishable goods that need to be delivered at the soonest time possible. Or else the food will be spoiled. Think of it this way — you are one of the delivery people and you need to bring the food at the […]

May 15

Three Simple Steps to Start Your Own Business

start your own business

  Most people say that the best way to attract money and achieve financial freedom is to start your own business. I agree with this and I also respect being an employee and sharing talents and gifts and serving the world. I worked as an employee while I was in the Philippines and in Yemen. The entrepreneur in me was re-born as soon as I […]


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